Het Nieuwe Instituut
How do you do biodesign is an inspiring evening for architects, urban planners, product- and fashiondesigners. The event is both an exhibition and a evening in which experts explain what biodesign can mean to your expertise and daily work-practice.
Nonstopcollective designed the routing, programs an presentation tables.
Questioning our job as graphic designers and the balance between use and waste, we gave the handout a tiny twist.
Each handout is bio-degradable and holds various seeds and plant-material, stitched together as a flat package. If the visitor follows the provided instructions – “Please do throw me away in your garden or public park.” – each handout will turn into a minigarden. The paper being its own compost material. Furthermore we constructed all wooden presentation-desks holding test-tubes and flowers, giving the presentations a bit of scientific flair.


Be welcome to dump me in your garden, local park or anything earthy. The paper will guide as compost for the seeds I keep inside to grow.